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Claimants to Non-Reigning Monarchies and Their Heirs

As of March 1st, 1997 

In Alphabetical Order by Country

(Note: This does not purport to be an exhaustive list, but we believe that it is comprehensive. Dates, if listed, indicate the year in which the individual became claimant.)

Non-Reigning and non-independent Monarchies

In instances where a bona fide dispute exists as to the theoretical succession, the symbol  appears; however, we make no judgment as to the validity or merits of any such disputed claims, but merely note that a dispute exists.

AFGHANISTAN: HM King Mohammed Zahir Shah* (1933- ) Heir: HRH Crown Prince Ahmed Shah Khan **

ALBANIA: HM King Leka I (throne assumed in exile**) (1961- ) Heir: HRH Crown Prince Leka of Albania

ASHANTI: HM Asantehene Opoku Ware II (1970- )

AUSTRIA: HIRH Archduke Otto ** (1922- ) Heir: HIRH Archduke Karl of Austria-Hungary

BAVARIA: HRH Duke Franz (1996- )

BRAZIL: HIRH Prince Dom Luiz de Orleans e Braganga

 Heir: HIRH Prince Dom Bertrand de Orleans e Braganga (brother) BUGANDA: HM Kabaka Mutebi II (1969- )

BULGARIA: HM King Simeon II* (1943- )

Heir: HRH Crown Prince Kardam of Bulgaria, Prince of Tirnovo BURUNDI: no known claimant

BURMA: no known claimant

CHINA: no active claimant 

EGYPT: HM King Ahmed Fouad II *** (1952- )

Heir: HRH Prince Muhammad Ali, Prince of Said

ESTONIA: no known claimant

ETHIOPIA: HIM Emperor Amha Selassie I (throne assumed in exile**) (1975- )

Heir: HIH Crown Prince Zara Yakob of Ethiopia

FRANCE (Empire): HIH Prince Napolion (1997- )

FRANCE (Kingdom): HRH Prince Henri, Count of Paris (1940- ) 
(Legitimist claimant: HRH Prince Luis Alfonso de Borbon, known to French legitimists as the Duke of Anjou and Bourbon)

GEORGIA: HRH Prince George Bagration

Heir: HRH Prince Irakly Bagration

GERMANY: HIH Prince Georg Friedrich (1994- ) +

GREECE: HM King Constantine II* (1964- )

Heir: HRH Crown Prince Pavlos HAITI: no known claimant

HANOVER: HRH Prince Ernst August

HAWAII: HRH Prince [ ] Kawananakoa (1997- )

HUNGARY (see also Austria): HIRH Archduke Otto, Crown Prince of Hungary from 1916 Heir: HIRH Archduke Karl of Austria-Hungary

INDIA: no known imperial claimant (Maharajahs, nawabs, and other princes of states not listed)

IRAN: HIM Shah Reza II (throne assumed in exile**)

IRAQ: no active claimant

ITALY: HRH Prince Victor Emanuel, Prince of Naples, Duke of Savoy**

Heir: HRH Prince Emanuel Filiberto, Prince of Venice

KOREA: [HIH Prince] Kyu Lee

LAOS: no known claimant

LATVIA: no known claimant

LIBYA: uncertain

LITHUANIA: no known claimant

MEXICO: no known claimant

MODENA: HIRH Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este

MONTENEGRO: HRH Prince Nicholas Petrovich-Njegosh

MUSTANG: HH Raja Jigme Parbal Bista

POLAND: the Polish monarchy was elective, not hereditary, and thus there is no individual claimant

PORTUGAL: HRH Prince Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganza (1978- )

Heir: HRH Prince Dom Afonso, Prince of Beira

PRUSSIA (see also Germany): HIRH Prince Georg Friedrich+ (1994- )

ROMANIA: HM King Michael I* (1940- )

RUSSIA: HIH Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna (1992- ) 
Heir: HIH Grand Duke Georgi
(HH Prince Nicholas Romanoff also asserts a claim to be Head of the House of Romanoff)

RWANDA: HM King Kigeli V*

SARAWAK: no known claimant

SAXONY: HRH Prince Maria Emanuel, Margrave of Meissen (1968- )

SERBIA (see also Yugoslavia): HRH Crown Prince Alexander (1970- ) Heir: HRH Prince Peter

SIKKIM: unceratin

TORO: HM Omukama Rukidi IV (1995- )

TWO SICILIES: HRH Prince Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria, Infante of Spain

 TUNISIA: no known claimant

TURKEY (Ottoman Empire): HIH Prince Ertogroul Osman (1994- )

UKRAINE: no known claimant

VENDA: uncertain

VIETNAM: HIH Crown Prince Bao Long** (1997- )

W\RTTEMBERG: HRH Prince Carl, Duke of W\rttemberg (1975- ) Heir: HRH Prince Friedrich

XHOSA: HM King Maxhoba Sandile

YEMEN*: HRH Crown Prince --- (1996- )

YUGOSLAVIA: HRH Crown Prince Alexander** (1970- ) Heir: HRH Prince Peter

ZANZIBAR*: HH Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah (1963- )

ZULUS: HM King Goodwill Zwelithini (1972- )

*Former reigning monarch.

**Son and heir of last reigning monarch.

*** Reigned briefly as infant under Council of Regency

+ Prince Georg Friedrich is heir to the Kingdom of Prussia and the German Empire. Heirs to the many small principalities and grand duchies are not listed here, although the German kingdoms are listed.

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